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About Greeley Roof Repairs




Greeley Roof Repairs is a local Greeley Colorado Roofer committed to providing free roof inspections to Greeley Colorado Homeowners who are worried that their home may have sustained hail damage to the roof or wind damage to their roof.

We believe in providing free roof inspections because we know that once you meet us and allow us to offer you solutions to your roofing problems then you will choose us as your local Greeley roofer.

We offer competitive prices and WE WORK WITH INSURANCE COMPANIES! 

Why pay out of pocket for a new roof when your homeowners insurance might be willing to pay? You have been paying your homeowners insurance premiums faithfully year after year and if your roof has sustained wind or hail damage then YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY MIGHT BE OBLIGATED TO PAY FOR A NEW ROOF! 

Many homeowners in Greeley are not aware that YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY MAY PAY FOR A NEW ROOF so they just wait and let the damage go until it turns into a roof leak and then it may be too late to file a claim. Insurance companies do have deadlines to file a claim so if you wait then you could lose your chance to get a new roof.

Greeley Roof Repairs is committed to education and community service and we are happy to spend the time needed so that you understand the insurance claim process and understand how we are able to help you get a new roof paid for by your insurance company.

Roof Hail Damage Explained

Hail storms are a fascinating natural phenomenon. Hail usually forms in the beginning of a thunderstorms when the strong wind updrafts lift water droplets into extremely cold areas of the atmosphere.

These water droplets then freeze and turn into ice pellets otherwise known as hail stones. This process can go on for long periods of time and eventually the hail stones accumulate in large quantities while suspended in the air growing larger and larger until they become too heavy for the wind updrafts and they begin to fall to the ground.

There are several interesting videos on YouTube showing live hail storms in action and some hail storms can be extremely violent. In the Greeley area, hail storms have been known to harm livestock, agricultural efforts, and industrial roof damage.

This is why homeowners insurance especially in Colorado will include coverage for hail damage. Insurance companies are insuring the contents in your home and if your roof is damaged by hail then insurance companies want you to get it fixed! 

Greeley Hail Storms

Does hail size matter?

Upon impact, the size, density, and velocity of hailstones can cause varying degrees of damage to roofing materials, with larger and denser hailstones capable of puncturing, cracking, or dislodging materials like shingles or tiles.

This frequency of hail, particularly in Colorado, is due to its unique geographic and atmospheric conditions where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains, creating perfect conditions for severe hail-producing storms during the spring and summer months.

Hail size does matter and so does the hardness of the hail stones and speed of the stones as they drop out of of the sky. Most storm activities also have high winds and when high winds are combined with hail stones then that is a recipe for hail damage to your roof.

There are also times when a hail storm does not cause damage to the roof and this is why a free inspection is a good way to learn if your roof is in need of repairs or not. We will perform a roof inspection and provide you with a photo report and then you can decide if you want to proceed with an insurance claim or not. No pressure from us.

How does a free roof inspection work?

If you are ready to proceed with a free inspection then simply give us a call at 720-484-1600 or fill out the form on this website. We will schedule a free roof inspection and give you an expert level roof estimate or help you file a claim with your insurance company.

We do not expect any payment until you feel comfortable with the roof estimate and sign off on having us perform the repairs. If we are helping you file a claim with your insurance company then you will sign an insurance authorization form that allows us to communicate with your insurance company and you STILL DO NOT PAY ANYTHING UP FRONT.

After we help you file a claim we will meet with your insurance adjuster at your home and review the hail and wind damages that your roof sustained with your insurance adjuster and answer any questions that they might have about local roofing codes and ordinances. Insurance adjusters appreciate Greeley Roof Repairs and we often help them with their ladder and we can even provide them an estimate if they request it in writing.

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